6 Decor Tips for Your Windows This Spring

6 Decor Tips for Your Windows This Spring

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Every homeowner dreams to have the most beautiful house they can arrive at every day. Your home is your own personal sanctuary; over time, it becomes a safe space for you and your family. It’s where you go to at the end of every day and should be a place that welcomes you with warmth and goodness.

Most homeowners like to decorate their homes in a certain way that resonates with their lifestyle, taste, and aesthetic. Many people like to have pictures of friends, families, spouses, and pets in their home to remind them of their near and dear ones. The personal touch that we add to our homes shows the world who we are as people and who we value. Home decor is extremely subjective and people have different tastes when it comes to decorating their homes in a certain way. 

Since windows are the eyes of our homes, they are usually the first thing people see from the outside. They also showcase the look and feel of the rest of your home. Let us examine how you can decorate your home windows so that it always looks homely and appealing.

1.Place a chest of drawers

Add a cozy-looking piece of furniture to add extra oomph to your windows. A pastel-coloured chest of drawers or a desk placed by the window is a great way to incorporate a fun element into your home’s look. Place a lush, green plant in a vase with a picture frame of your family or spouse for the perfect, finished look. 

You can also hang a painting on the wall just above the cabinet to give it a polished appearance. If you are into a rustic and cozy-looking interior, place a small antique lamp on the desk for more warmth.

2.Go green with plants

Plants automatically add a dash of colour to an otherwise vanilla-looking room. If your window sill has a decent-sized border, consider putting a chunky vase with a climber that climbs along the sides of your window and adds a delicate balance to the overall look and feel. Your curtains should be of a contrasting colour so that the green of the plants stands out and adds a vibrant look to the window.

3.Go glam with the drapes

If you have drapes and curtains that match your aesthetic, consider getting them in long and flowy fabrics to add texture and finish to your windows. Drapes should be sized and cut according to your window type, accentuating the home’s overall interiors. 

If your interiors are rustic and bohemian, you can go for a floral or asymmetrical curtain that looks like it falls in layers. This will bring an edgy look to your interiors without being too dramatic.

4.Add a fruity touch

To get a summery and delicious suncatcher effect, you can hang a string of sliced and dried citrus garland on your window. This garland can be made by using any type of citrus fruit. You can use green limes, yellow lemons, blood oranges, or grapefruit to mix and match the different hues of citric fruits. 

Dehydrate the fruits completely and add essential oils to keep them smelling fresh. You can fill your home with delicious fruity smells while bringing a cheerful look and feel and a dash of colour to prepare your home interior for spring.

5.Hang a floral wreath

Although wreaths are usually hung for a more Christmassy look, you can create a wreath, especially using summery flowers like baby’s breath, sunflowers, daisies, or lilies.

These light summer flowers are sure to add a touch of fun and positivity to your interiors. Circular wreaths are known to soften square and rectangular window panels by making them look less boxy and adding a nice touch to them.

6.Try more contrasting textures

The spring season is the best time to experiment and play around with colours and textures. You can create a nice finished look by layering together multiple types of textures with contrasting hues. If you choose ivory or white curtain/blinds for your windows, use deep red valances to complement them and add a contrasting look to your windows. 

Drapes with horizontal stripes or even blackwatch checks also look great with valances of the opposite colour tone. You can play around with vertical, printed, or zigzag patterns and designs for a customized look and feel.

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