Benefits of faux wood blinds

6 Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

Posted by Michael Schwartz on 04-01-2023

Choosing the right blinds is crucial in maintaining the look and feel of your home. Window blinds come in various styles and can be used to match your home’s aesthetic. When choosing window coverings, it is vital to consider the different types of materials they come in. The materials of your blinds should be affordable, functional, and environmentally friendly.

Before getting window blinds, you should consider certain important factors. For instance, the right kind of window treatment needs to retain longevity. It should also match the interiors of your home and allow you to control the right amount of light that enters. In recent years, faux wood window treatments have been used by many homeowners due to their durability, affordability and easy access.

Faux wood blinds are constructed from alternating slats of vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) by leaving slits or empty spaces between them to let in light if they are kept open partially. When closed, they protect your home against solar heat, glare, and pollution. Due to their thick and sturdy material, they last longer than wood and are easier to maintain.

You can choose from PVC blinds, plastic blinds, and vinyl blinds for your window treatment. Vinyl, or PVC, is an engineered and synthetic fabric that is extremely resilient, long-lasting, waterproof, and fire redundant. 

This material is commonly used across a wide range of housing materials like doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen cabinets. If you are a homeowner on the lookout for window blinds, you can choose from PVC window blinds for the following reasons:

1. Durability

PVC window treatments, also known as artwood blinds, look and feel like wood, but are lighter and more affordable than real timber or wood. You can reap the benefits of the look and feel of wood, which will give your home a warm and inviting look.

You can pick from different designs, colours, and finishes that resemble timber and are more long-lasting and flexible to make. It is also easier to maintain PVC blinds because they are painted on and have a more durable finish.

2. Budget friendliness

If you are looking for an affordable window treatment, you are in for a treat. Plastic or vinyl window blinds are extremely budget-friendly compared to wood or timber. They do not cost homeowners thousands of dollars, as they are manufactured in bulk and are used in a wide range of household materials due to their affordability.

3. Sun protection

The PVC material is engineered to resist the sun’s harmful UV rays. It protects your curtains and window sills (and the walls of your home) from being affected by direct sunlight. If you have delicate furniture or fixtures in your home, you can opt for PVC blinds that ensure the sun’s direct rays do not harm their longevity.

PVC blinds can also help to trap heat, which is great for the colder months in Canada, where you can save on electricity because the heat is trapped in the house.

4. Fire resistant

Another great perk you can expect from faux wood blinds is that they are fire retardent. PVC and its chlorine content allow the material to resist fire and excessive heat. When you invest in these blinds, you get a safety measure that can keep your home and family safe and secure.

5. Functionality and variety 

It is imperative to understand the small difference between vinyl blinds and PVC blinds. Vinyl is the broader term used for PVC materials. PVC is not just a white-coloured material with a straightforward design. Blinds are available in hanging and vertical styles that can spice up your home decor. 

PVC can be engineered in many designs and colours that match your home’s interior. It is vital to note that the blinds should complement your furniture, so it does not look out of place.

6. Sturdy and long-lasting

PVC and vinyl blinds can withstand wear and tear for many years without breaking, losing shape, or cracking. They are also much more resistant to damage from cleaning solutions, and are easy to maintain by just giving them a thorough cleaning with soap and water. You can easily wipe dust and dirt off its surface without it getting mouldy, like wood or timber.

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PVC blinds are a great option for any home due to their resemblance to wood. If you want to avoid splurging on window blinds, then PVC or vinyl is the next best option. They are more lightweight than wood and easy to manage, especially for elderly homeowners who cannot handle heavy blinds.

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