5 Reasons to Get Your Blinds Professionally Cleaned

5 Reasons to Get Your Blinds Professionally Cleaned

Posted by  on 27-07-2022
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Your blinds are an investment in your home’s design and comfort. They add style to your rooms, provide privacy, control sunlight, and help with temperature control. 

When you purchase new blinds, you want them to last for as long as possible. A key part of their longevity is proper care and maintenance.

Blinds, like everything else in your home, must be cleaned and maintained if they’re going to continue looking as good as the day you bought them.

Furthermore, maintenance is crucial for their longevity. Otherwise, they will start to look haggard, faded, and dirty.

Therefore, the best thing you can do for your blinds is to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for professional maintenance.

1. Your blinds will last longer

Blinds that are neglected or improperly maintained will fray, fade, and fall apart quicker. While some damage can be repaired, often you have to replace them. 

Conversely, professional cleaning rejuvenates blinds and keeps them in like-new condition. Ultimately, this maintenance extends their lifespan. 

There’s no doubt that having your blinds professionally cleaned keeps them in premium condition for longer and allows you to get the maximum number of years out of them!

2. They will look better

That being said, it’s equally important that your blinds look their best for as long as you have them. 

Professional cleaning makes this a reality. Blinds that are expertly maintained retain their aesthetic appeal, elevating the interior design or curb appeal of your home. 

It helps make a good first impression with guests (or prospective buyers) and, simply, makes your home a more enjoyable place to be.

3. Maintenance is cheaper than replacement

When you invest in beautiful blinds for your home, you want to get your money’s worth. 

You expect them to last for a certain number of years without fading or needing to be replaced.

However, you may feel reluctant to pay for professional cleaning. Ultimately, professional blinds cleaning is far more economical than replacement and very affordable. 

It’s important to remember that replacing window treatments can be very expensive. Regular cleaning is thus always the more affordable option.

4. Improved indoor air quality

Blinds accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, pollutants, chemicals, and other airborne contaminants. This is because blinds act like air filters. 

Potentially harmful particles floating through the air get trapped in the blinds and stay within your home. This negatively impacts your indoor air quality, which has consequences for your health. 

You should always take steps to improve air quality wherever you can.

Professional cleanings do more than simply dust your blinds. While removing dust is important, a professional blinds cleaning company goes deeper.

They remove allergens and contaminants that casual dusting can never reach. In the end, this makes your home a safer place to live and breathe.

5. Professionals will not damage your blinds

Many homeowners are reluctant to clean their blinds because they’re afraid of damaging them. It’s a reasonable concern! 

That’s why hiring professionals to clean your blinds is the best option. A professional blinds cleaning company knows the best practices to preserve the condition of your blinds.

There will be no accidental damage. Professional cleaners always remove and rehang blinds, so they know the best way to do it. 

Furthermore, their cleaning practices are unparalleled. They won’t damage, shrink, discolour, or break your blinds during the cleaning process.

Professional vs. DIY Cleaning

There’s no doubt that cleaning and maintaining your blinds is a crucial part of their longevity. However, do you have to pay a professional to do the job? In short, yes.

Blinds are fragile. It’s easy to damage them during the take-down and rehanging process. 

Furthermore, it’s also easy to hurt yourself. The take-down and rehanging process can be difficult and labour-intensive for the average homeowner.

Moreover, DIY cleaning may damage your blinds. There are specific techniques and products best suited for cleaning different types of blinds. 

While the professionals know exactly what to use and how to do it, even the avid DIYer doesn’t. Therefore, your blinds could be damaged, stretched, discoloured, shrunk, or otherwise ruined by DIY cleaning processes.

Professional cleaners know how to rejuvenate your blinds back to their former glory. It’s amazing the transformation that can happen after a professional cleaning! 

In fact, some blinds can be restored back to their original condition. However, this is only possible with professional expertise and tools.

Thus, always count on the professionals to get the best out of your blinds.

Premium Blinds With Window Blinds Direct

Professional cleaning is essential for the longevity and appearance of your blinds. In fact, professional maintenance is one of the best ways to add years to your blinds and beautify your indoor spaces

With proper care, your blinds will look better and last longer. Additionally, clean blinds are better for the air quality inside your home, making the air you breathe safer!

All in all, professional blinds cleaning is an absolute must. However, you still need to start with high-quality, durable, and attractive blinds. 

That’s where Window Blinds Direct comes in! We carry an extensive range of premium window blinds, shades, and shutters that will perfectly complement your home. All our products are professionally designed to provide big style without a big price tag.

To learn more about window blinds in Mississauga, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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