home office decor ideas to boost productivity

5 Home Office Decor Ideas to Boost Productivity

Posted by  on 28-10-2022
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Creating the perfect home office is no small task. Ideally, your space should feel comfortable, functional and promote productivity. After all, it’s difficult enough to focus on your job while working from home!

By crafting your home office into the ultimate productivity den, you’ll find it easier to meet your goals.

How you choose to furnish and decorate your office has a significant impact on your productivity.

If your office is cluttered and filled with distractions, you’re not setting yourself up for success. Instead, follow these five home office decor ideas to boost your productivity.

1. Use natural light

One advantage of working from home is that you can situate yourself near a window or in a spot with lots of natural light. After all, working in dreary, low-light environments without a glimpse of the sun or the outside world can be depressing.

A brighter, lighter office fosters a happier mood, which can lead to increased productivity. It also boosts energy levels.

At the same time, you want to minimize distractions from outside and maintain your privacy. You don’t want passing strangers or neighbours staring into your office as you try to work.

Consequently, it’s important to pick window treatments that provide ample natural light with minimum distractions.

Vienna sheer shades are the ideal option. This style of shade has horizontal vanes suspended between layers of sheer fabric. As a result, they filter light perfectly while also offering privacy.

With Vienna sheer shades, you can transform harsh sunlight into beautiful, soft light.

Furthermore, these sheer shades are light and airy, creating a calming environment for your work. Their pleasant glow turns your office into a beautiful place to spend your time.

Vienna sheer shades also provide year-round insulation, which is perfect for keeping your office at a comfortable temperature throughout every season. You can also focus fully on your work without worrying about the energy costs of heating your house!

2. Give yourself room to operate

It’s hard to be productive if you’re constantly bumping into things and knocking items off your desk. You need adequate space to lay out any papers clearly, and you need to be able to type on your computer without tucking your elbows in.

While these may seem like small issues, they take your focus away from the work you need to do. The goal is to remove distractions.

First of all, you need an adequately sized desk. It should be big enough for you to have all your work items laid out comfortably. Additionally, you should consider how you organize all these items.

3. Remove the clutter

Want less clutter? You need better organization. Having a proper place for all your things makes it easier to prevent chaos from erupting on your desk.

This is more sustainable than just shoving your cluttered items into a corner when you attempt to work. Ultimately, it’s harder to stay focused in a messy workspace.

Clutter often causes feelings of anxiety and stress, which negatively impacts your productivity.

Opting for stylish storage solutions is one way of encouraging yourself to actually use the storage available to you. Combining aesthetics and functionality is a great hack for increasing use.

4. Minimal decorations

Decorations add personality, but they’re easy to overdo. If you have too many decorations, your office ends up feeling cluttered. Be intentional with your decor and remember, less is more. Chaos is the opposite of productivity.

Decorate your office with restraint. However, this is a fine line as you should enjoy spending time in your office.

Chances are, you’ll be there a lot! So, while you decorate minimally, try to add some personalization and create a welcoming space. If you feel stifled or bored the moment you step foot into your office, productivity will be an uphill battle.

How you decorate your office is also impacted by the nature of your work and your personality. If you’re in a creative field, your office’s decor should inspire your creativity without causing distraction.

On the other hand, if you find that you work best in minimalist spaces, then decorate sparsely.

5. Incorporate living plants

As you decorate with minimal clutter and intention, consider adding a few plants. Plants help create a healthy, positive atmosphere and promote productive thinking.

They offer some visual stimuli without being distracting. Additionally, plants are calming, helping us to release our stresses and anxieties. All of this contributes to a productivity boost!

Plants also contribute to a cozy interior design while simultaneously cleaning the air you breathe.

Add Vienna Sheer Shades to Your Home Office

As you decorate your perfect office, don’t forget the importance of lighting! Allowing ample natural light is a great way to boost your productivity, energy levels, and overall mood.

With Vienna sheer shades from Window Blinds Direct, your office will be beautifully lit without compromising your privacy.

Ask our window treatment experts about our beautiful selection of high-quality Vienna sheer shades! We also offer a range of custom options.

To learn more about Vienna sheer shades, call Window Blinds Direct at 647-360-7026 or contact us here.

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